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Dr Srikanth is a renowned Senior Pediatric Ophthalmologist and adult squint surgeon with expertise in managing neurophthalmology and adult cataracts as well. He was trained at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai following which he continued to work there as a Consultant in pediatric ophthalmology department for almost 6 years. He then worked at CMER (Hong Kong and Shenzhen) Dr Dennis Lam Eye hospital as an International Expert for a period of 3 years. Currently he is working as a Senior Consultant at Apollo Spectra, Chennai (Alwarpet and MRC Nagar) and Apollo Children’s Hospital, Chennai. He is highly skilled in managing patients with complex squint surgeries, nystagmus and pediatric cataracts. He is trained to manage and operate adults with cataracts. Dr Srikanth has always been known to be very child-friendly and is also extremely patient and warm with his patients. He has worked extensively with International experts on progressive myopia and refractive errors in children.

Dr Srikanth Ramasubramanian is a renowned senior pediatric ophthalmologist and strabismologist currently practicing in Chennai, Tamilnadu with 15+ years of experience. Dr. Srikanth graduated from the prestigious Madras Medical College, Chennai, India in 2006 and then completed postgraduation (MS Ophthalmology) in 2010 from Medical College, Baroda, India. He then underwent Sri Ratan Tata Fellowship for micro cataract surgeries at the world renowned Sankara Nethralaya in 2010. Following that he completed his fellowship in pediatric ophthalmology from one of the pioneer institutes and tertiary care centres of India, Sankara Nethralaya. After completion of his fellowship, he had been working as a Consultant at Sankara Nethralaya in the department of pediatric ophthalmology for 6 years (2011 to 2017). He performed many surgeries for squint, nystagmus, pediatric cataracts and adult cataracts with successful outcomes. He was also involved with treating and managing patients with binocular vision anomalies, low vision aids, orthoptic exercises and vision therapy. Dr Srikanth then went on to work at CMER (Hong Kong and Shenzhen) Dr Dennis Lam eye hospital as an International expert for 3 years (2017 to 2020). He helped set up various pediatric ophthalmology clinics and performed many surgeries in his field of specialization.

Dr. Srikanth was awarded the prestigious Fellow of All India Collegium of Ophthalmology (FAICO degree pediatric Ophthalmology) by the All India Ophthalmological Society in 2013. He also completed the Advanced International Council of Ophthalmology examinations and was awarded the Fellowship of International council of ophthalmology (FICO) degree. He ia also a member of the Royal college of surgeons Edinburgh (MRCS) degree since 2014.He was awarded the T L K Row Award by the Medical Research Foundation for the Best Associate Consultant in Ophthalmology for the year 2013-14 at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai.

Clinically, he specializes in managing pediatric cataracts, simple and complex strabismus patients routinely. He performs complex strabismus and pediatric cataract surgeries routinely at his work place. He also has special interests in managing and treating nystagmus and disorders of ocular motility. His scope of expertise also involves taking care of children with refractive errors, especially myopia using low concentration atropine. His work of interest also involves improving the binocular vision using orthoptic exercises. He is experienced in managing children with various types of amblyopia for the past 15+ years.

Dr Srikanth is an academician and has been actively involved in teaching the optometrists, postgraduates and fellows at his centre. He has been part of PG teaching programs across the country. He was a part of the AIOS Teachers in Ophthalmology Program held in 2014-15 by the AIOS and was awarded the Resource teacher Award for the same. His academic writings have been well received worldwide, both at national and international level. Dr. Srikanth has contributed to a number of textbook chapters on pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus. He also has a number of scientific presentations to his credit. He has been a part of various instruction courses at national level.

In addition, Dr Srikanth is a reviewer for prestigious international scientific journals like the Indian Journal of ophthalmology. He was instrumental in devising the Practice Pattern for Childhood diseases in India which was a part of collaboration with the Orbis India group. He has also mentored, trained and taught various optometrists and postgraduates.

Dr Srikanth is committed to quality patient care and is passionate about his work. His commitment and work ethics have often been appreciated by patients and colleagues alike. Dr Srikanth is known to be a very calm and patient person who treats kids in a very friendly manner. He has excellent surgical skills and manages and is always willing to update himself with the latest in technology and medical fields. He is known to patiently and clearly explain the eye condition to his patients. He is known to be a very hard working and compassionate person among his friends, colleagues and peers.

Currently Dr Srikanth also works as a Senior Consultant at Apollo Children’s Hospital, Chennai and Apollo Spectra Hospital (Alwarpet and MRC Nagar), Chennai. He brings with him quality eye care for children and adults with various eye disorders with the latest technology.

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