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About Leela eye clinic | Best eye clinic in chennai

Welcome to Leela Clinic

Leela eye clinic was commenced in 2013 by Drs V.C. Parthasarathy and Kalpana Parthasarathy , the ophthalmologist couple on their return from the United Kingdom after serving the National Health Service, UK for more than 20 years . In September 2021, the clinic has been taken over and being run by Dr. Srikanth Ramasubramanian, a trained pediatric ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon. Dr Srikanth was trained at Sankara Nethralaya and then worked there as a Consultant too. Following that, Dr Srikanth worked as an International expert at CMER eye hospital (Hong Kong and Shenzhen). Currently, Dr Srikanth also works at Apollo Spectra hospital, Chennai and Apollo Children’s Hospital, Nungambakkam, Chennai.

The aim of the clinic is to provide a service in ophthalmology that would lay emphasis on quality and would be patient-centric. The dream has been realised very soon with rapid development of rapport between us the team at Leela and our patients .The clinic has become a leading eye care provider in the region and obtained the accreditation of the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals in India (NABH).

In 2015 a “state of the art” operating theatre was established to help carry out the most demanding eye operations involving both the anterior and posterior segments of the eye (in lay man’s terms both the front and back of the eye). The facility provides General ophthalmic, paediatric and Retinal services that include LASER treatments, advanced Micro Incisional Cataract surgery for both paediatric and adults, Vitreo-Retinal procedures like Vitrectomy, Membrane peels, intra operative Endo LASER treatment, Retinal detachment surgery and management of advanced diabetic eye disease. Of special mention is paediatric service with surgery for squints, pediatric cataracts and blocked tear ducts. There is a great deal of passion to save premature babies from the dreaded Retinopathy of Prematurity and we have established protocols for management of this condition.

We also have services to provide special care for children with amblyopia or lazy eye and myopia. A dedicated vision therapy team and a separate myopia clinic also functions at the centre with latest advances in myopia management.

The team at Leela is witnessing the entry of highly qualified and trained consultants both in paediatric ophthalmology and retinal services. The surgeons with not only high academic record, experienced to deal with most complex problems but also be compassionate and caring. The staff at Leela has been instructed to be communicative with patients and be sensitive to their needs and the doctors will aim to apprise the patients of their eye condition and give a realistic expectation of the result of any intervention.

Leela Eye Clinic is well equipped in managing and treating patients with strabismus (squint), pediatric and adult cataracts, binocular vision anomalies, diplopia or double vision, paralytic squints, neurophthalmology, children with developmental delay, cortical visual impairment, visual rehabilitation, Low Vision aids(LVA), orthoptics (vision therapy) and myopia clinic. Leela Eye Clinic also has facilities to treat and manage retinal disorders with lasers and surgeries.


  • High quality surgical methods with modern technology to ensure early rehabilitation, reducing cost and enhancing patient safety. Clinical audit of all outcomes and processes to achieve best quality of care to our patients.
  • Mandatory Continuing Medical Education for all our staff to keep pace with advancement in our field and to maintain health and safety for our patients and staff alike.

  • To provide a service that underpints the principles of good Clinical governance and an institution of international quality that will keep patients' interest at Heart and make it affordable to one and all.