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Vision therapy for Lazy eye and Binocular vision anomalies

Vision therapy helps in improving the coordination between the eyes and sending signals to the brain. This helps in tracking of objects, coordination of body movements according to the visual signals, 3 D vision, and also in improving binocular equal inputs that help in reading, writing and visual development. It boosts the fusion ability of the eye muscles and the brain.

Vision therapy can be hospital-based or home-based. Initial sittings may have to be done in the hospital following which, therapy can be continued even at home using equipment like Ocular Flippers, Vision Therapy Dot Cards, Cat Card Fusion Cards, Lifesaver Card, Rock Card and Prism exercises.

Children with learning or reading problems can benefit from the vision boost these exercises. Adults can see vision improvement through this therapy as well. It can help curb eye-strain related vision processing problems brought on by working with computers all day. Vision therapy has also been proven to help this with traumatic brain injury, concussions, stroke-related issues, double vision and other issues.

Software-based Vision Therapy:


  • Convergence insufficiency

  • Computer Vision Syndrome

  • Ocular Fatigue

  • Residual Squints

  • Intermittent Squints

  • Amblyopia or Lazy Eye

  • - Easy and interesting test for the patients to follow.
    - To eliminate suppression in Dense Amblyopia.
    - Works even in Adults with dense Amblyopia.

    Patients with Severe Fatigue and Computer Vision Syndrome with Accommodation and Convergence issues causing double vision or blurring of images can benefit from the vision therapy exercises.

    It takes approximately 30 to 45 min per session. The number of sessions will be customized according to the clinical condition and severity. Usually, 20 to 30 sessions may be required. The patient will require the first few sessions in the hospital and may opt for Home Therapy later.